EWI MST103 Single Channel 3-way mic splitter

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EWI MST103 Single Channel  3-way mic splitter

The MST-103 Mic Splitter splits a signal from a low-impedance microphone (or similar source) into three outputs, enabling three microphone preamplifiers to be fed from one source. Some applications include musicians' on-stage monitoring, live recording, ENG use at press conferences, and videotaping of lectures, public speeches, etc. It can also be used simply as an isolation transformer for long microphone lines feeding unbalanced inputs, or for any audio signal up to 0 dBv (.775 volt). Transformer isolation in such situations minimizes interference from SCR lighting dimmers, radio transmit-ters and 60 Hz AC power wiring. The transformer-isolated feeds retain the advantage of common-mode noise rejection inherent in the use of balanced lines. The MST-103 is fitted with standard 3-pin XLR-type connectors for INPUT, DIRECT OUTPUT, and ISOLATED OUTPUTS 1 and 2, so hookup requires only standard microphone cables. The use of the MST-103 transformer allows the MST-103 to provide two floating, low-impedance outputs with wide, flat frequency response, ultra-low distortion, and no ringing or overshoot to degrade transient response. The transformer's triple electrostatic shields and GND/LIFT switches provide isolation and buzz-free operation in virtually any environment.


  • Provides 3-Way Split for Low-Z Microphone
  • Great for Musicians' Monitoring and Recording
  • ENG Uses Include Press Conferences and Speeches
  • Connects with Standard Mic Cables
  • High-Quality Transformer-Isolated Output

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