Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 v2 Splitter Mixer

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Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 v2 Splitter Mixer

The Behringer ULTRALINK PRO MX882V2 is an 8-channel splitter/mixer designed to sum, distribute, or level-match signals for musicians, audio engineers, and system installers in clubs, houses of worship, and live stage applications. It can be configured as an 8-input/2-output mixer, a 2-input/8-output splitter, or a 6-input/6-output level matcher for converting between -10 dBV and +4 dBu. Per-channel split/mix mode switches enable easy, flexible setup.

The ULTRALINK PRO MX882 V2 boasts a wide, flat frequency response and versatile connectivity including stereo XLR main I/O jacks, four XLR channel inputs and outputs, and two 1/4" channel inputs and outputs. 4-segment level indicators are provided for the main input and output, while the individual channels feature 8-segment LED meters. An internal switch-mode power supply delivers low power consumption and noise-free operation.

Designed for distributing a stereo signal to several outputs (splitter mode), combining multiple signals into a stereo output (mixer mode), or adapting levels of signals for a variety of audio applications (buffer amplifier)
Ideal for use as a keyboard/drum submixer or as a distribution amplifier for PA systems in clubs, theaters, houses of worship, hotels, communication systems, and more
Switchable splitter/mixer functionality on a channel-by-channel basis
Per-channel level controls allow up to +15 dB of gain
In Split mode, the per-channel balance/pan knob controls the amount of main input signal routed to the channel output
In Mix mode, the per-channel balance/pan knob adjusts the signal's placement within the stereo field
Main Link switch allows the stereo main input to be fed to the stereo main output
Stereo XLR balanced main I/O
Channel 1-4 I/O via XLR 3-pin connectors
Channel 5-6 I/O via 1/4" TRS jacks
4-segment LED indicators for main I/O levels
8-segment LED indicators for channel I/O levels
Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio and low power consumption
Rack-mountable enclosure occupies

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