Kali Audio IN-UNF Ultra-Nearfield 3-Way Studio Monitor System

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The Kali Audio IN-UNF Ultra-Nearfield 3-Way Studio Monitor System an active three-way system designed to deliver studio-caliber stereo sound while easily integrating into tight setups where space is limited. Three components are provided—a pair of coaxial satellite speakers with 4" midrange drivers and 1" textile dome tweeters, along with a ported bass unit featuring two 4.5" woofers.

An Arm's Length from Full-Range Reference-Level Audio
  • The IN-UNF has been specifically engineered to offer outstanding audio reproduction at close range with the ideal monitoring position about an arm's length (2.6') away from the speakers, great for producers and creators working with limited space.
  • You can be confident your mix will translate well to other systems without resorting to excessive volume levels.
  • The entire system sits on your desk, including the bass unit, which can be placed vertically to sit behind your laptop or display, or positioned horizontally. In the horizontal orientation, you can even put a display monitor on top of the enclosure since the two woofers are horizontally opposed and no vibrations are transferred.
  • Unlike typical desktop systems, the desk is accounted for as an acoustic element and EQ settings are available to optimize the sound depending on where the desk is located in the room.
  • The woofers, midrange drivers, and tweeters all feature 2 dB boost/trim options to further customize your sound.
Two Satellite Speakers
  • The unique architecture of the 4" midrange driver and 1" tweeter eliminates off-axis lobing, giving the IN-UNF an incredibly accurate and lifelike stereo image. 
  • The midrange is profile-optimized to act as the waveguide for the tweeter, and the entire system acts an acoustic point source due to the 280 Hz crossover between the woofer and the midrange. 
  • The midrange is also specifically designed for very low excursion, eliminating air distortion from the interaction between the tweeter and midrange.
  • The satellites sit in silicone stands and can be rotated and aimed directly at the listener’s ears.
Desktop Bass and Amp Unit
  • Low-end frequencies are produced by two horizontally opposed 4.5" long-excursion woofers found in the bass unit. These woofers provide clean powerful bass while cancelling out each other’s back-and-forth momentum; meaning no mechanical energy is transferred from the bass unit to the desk, or to anything placed on top of the bass unit.
  • A fluid-dynamics-derived port tube helps to ensure clean and punchy bass with very low noise from the tube.
  • The integrated Class-D power amplifier provides clean power with very low self-noise to the system. At arm’s length, you will not hear noise from the IN-UNF’s electronics at all.
  • The digital amplifier houses the DSP that Kali uses to control the system, which includes the loudspeaker tuning, the limiter circuit, and the user-selectable boundary and EQ presets.
Flexible Input and Set Up Options
  • The bass unit also features a variety of inputs to meet your audio needs. Via the USB-C connector, which supports 24-bit resolution and a 48 kHz sample rate, you can connect computers, phones, and tablets.
  • Optical and 3.5mm inputs provide support for connecting either a digital or analog consumer device like a game console or receiver. For connecting to standard pro-audio devices, stereo TRS inputs are provided. 
  • The IN-UNF can be configured in a number of ways to blend seamlessly into your studio.
  • With the bass unit in the vertical position, it takes up only 5.25" of your desk, and your display or computer can be placed in front of it.
  • In the horizontal position, the bass unit can be used as a computuer display riser. Anything you set on top of the unit will not buzz or vibrate, thanks to the horizontally opposed woofers in the bass unit.


  • 320W Class D Power
  • 39 Hz Lower Frequency Response
  • < 2% System THD 85 dB @ 1M
  • 103 dB Max SPL

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