AKG C414BXLIIST Matched Pair of C414BXL Studio Mics

Manufacturer: AKGSku: C414BXLIIST
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Especially useful for stereo recordings taken from the far field with the inclusion of useful and often valuable room acoustics.

The matched pairs consist of two microphones that are within 1 dB to each other in sensitivity and also within 1 dB to each other in the range of 300 Hz to 8,000 Hz of the individual frequency response when used in cardioid mode and are selected from a large quantity of individual microphones using the described criteria by using a proprietary computer program.

Using this matched pair for stereo recordings utilizing various techniques will provide for a good and stable balance without frequency-dependent shifting of the stereo panorama.

The kit includes all the standard accessories of the deluxe package (excluding the PF 80) along with a stereo bar and proof of performance charts in an attractive carrying case (large Soundtool case).

See C 414 B-XL II for technical specifications and more details

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